Dog Walking Features

Why are so many Dog Walking businesses choosing Carica Pets?

Quite simply, we offer features that no other software package offer and of course we are a lot lot cheaper than all of the other software out there.

More and more Dog Walking businesses are choosing Carica Pets as their software choice for managing bookings, customers and pets.

You can subscribe to Carica Pets Dog Walking package for just £3.50 per month or our Dog Walking module is included free in our Silver and Gold packages.

Our Dog Walking package offers lots of exciting features that can easily help you manage the dog walks and benefit each individual dog.

Here is a list of some of the great features we offer that you cant get anywhere else.

Social Relationships

If you are providing a Dog Walking service and you take more than one dog at a time then this little feature is extremely useful.

Our Social Relationships feature allows you to quickly record which dogs likes or dislikes other dogs.

Energy Tracker

After each walk record the starting and ending energy levels of each dog so that you can easily plan future walks that are suitable for the energy levels of each dog.

Carica Pets Dog Walking

Heres a list of other features you can enjoy when you subscribe to our Dog Walking module.

Unlimited Customers and Pets

Manage all of your customers and pets in one easy place

Unlimited Bookings

All of our modules come with unlimited bookings

Recurring Bookings

Set up recurring daycare bookings on one invoice

Online Bookings and Payments

Allow your customers to directly make booking and payments 24/7


Set up reminders and notification to keep on top of pets vaccinations

Training Module

Set up and manage your training courses and classes

Taxi Module

Set up taxi journeys to pick up and drop off pets

SMS Messaging

SMS reminders and booking confirmations

Users and Locations

Set up your business to have up to 10 users and up to 3 locations

Document Storage

Store all of your documents in one easy place in our secure cloud database

Pet Activities and Logging

Log pet activities, toileting details, feeding details, photos and notes in one place

Automated Emails

Set up automated emails reminding customers of their bookings and vaccinations


Get your customers to submit reviews directly on the Online Booking dashboard. Show reviews on your website using our Reviews widget.

Communal Play Parks

Accept bookings for communal play parks where customers pets can share communal areas with other pets.

Time Recording

Time recording and timesheet reports for your staff

Calendar Integrations

Link your Carica Pets calendar with iCalendar, Apple Calendars and Google Calendar

Cloud Based 24/7

Our Carica Pets software is all cloud based and is accessible 24/7.

Available on All Devices

Our software has been designed to work on all computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones that have internet access.

GDPR Compliant

Carica Pets is fully compliant with the latest EU GDPR regulations. Read our Privacy Notice here.

Ease of Use and Intuitive Portal

Easy to use and intuitive portal will make it easy for you to perform any task or activity without adding to your workload.

Full Statistics

Full statistics showing capacities, subscriptions, bookings etc. enabling you to plan your business and bookings.

Fully Customisable

Our Cattery and Kennel Booking Management System is customisable so that it suits your individual business needs.


Carica Pets fully integrates with your Mailchimp account making easier for you to manage your email marketing.

Other Modules You Might Be Interested In

Customer Bookings and Payments

Accept online bookings and payments directly from your customers 24/7

Boarding Module

Features easy to use and quick booking process to add bookings for new or existing customers

Daycare Module

Easily add a Daycare booking with our easy to use bookings module with a few clicks of the mouse

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