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Carica Pets and GDPR

Carica Pets and GDPR

On the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. This changes how businesses like Carica Pets gather and handle personal information.

What impact does GDPR have?

With GDPR, companies need to be more responsible with the personal data of their customers and employees.

Companies now need to be clear with what personal information they’re collecting, what they are collecting it for, how long they keep it for and how they plan on protecting it.

At Carica Pets, we are committed to being transparent about any personal data we have, why we are using it and how long we will hold it for.

Carica Pets is GDPR Compliant

Carica Pets Kennel Management Software complies with GDPR.

What this means is that at Carica Pets we take data protection very seriously. We only use personal data for the Kennel Management Software and do not pass on or sell to other businesses or individuals whether in the EUI or outside the EU.

With Carica Pets Kennel Management Software we have added new features to comply with GDPR.

  • Under GDPR customers have the right to be forgotten. In our Customer Profile the customer, when logged in, or the Kennels business can remove all personal data we hold with the Right To Be Forgotten
  • All customers will be prompted when logging in or registering on the when to agree to our Privacy T & Cs.
  • All customers can now export all information we hold whether its personal information or general booking information.

Carica Pets Kennel Management Software only store data that is necessary for the operational needs of the software.

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