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Import Customers

Import Customers

We are pleased to announce we have now deployed a new feature that many of our new customers have been requesting; customer import.

A lot of new customers ask us if there is a way they can easily import their customers directly into our system.  Either they have been using a different Kennel Management system and have exported their data or they have been keeping all of their customer data in a spreadsheet such as Numbers or Excel.

Unfortunately up until now this has had to be done manually by ourselves but now you can import your customers directly into our system by saving your customers into a CSV file (this can be done easily from within Numbers or Excel) ensuring it is in the same format as our template and pressing an import button.

The customer import process will copy all of your customers data from your CSV file into a temporary store where you can review and change the data before importing it into the system itself.

Sign up below to try our 14 day free trial or contact me to discuss how we can help you move from your existing kennel management software to ours hassle free.

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