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Our Journey One Year On

Our Journey One Year On

This week one year ago we launched Carica Pets for a single customer.  To say the functionality of our website at that time was limited is an understatement but it was sufficient for what our initial objective outlined.

Over the course of the next six months we made many significant updates to the website that put us in a position that we could start looking at opening the website up for the wider world.  And that is exactly what we did in June 2018.

Of course there are more established software catteries and kennels could use; in fact, we have even recommended other software to businesses that have contacted us knowing that the features we offered at that time was short of what they required.  But our objective is to be the best affordable cattery and kennel management software on the market.  Quite a claim for the new kids on the block and competing against many established and mature offerings.  We think we have achieved this.  We believe we are the best affordable cattery and kennel management software on the market.  We may not be the best on the market at the moment; but we are the best affordable on the market.

So whats next?  We have a very detailed roadmap set out for 2019 where we will continue to introduce new features after new features.  By following our Roadmap we believe that around the end of summer 2019 we can start to claim to be the best cattery and kennel management software on the market.  But where we will differ from our competitors is that not only will we boast being the best cattery and kennel management software we will also be the best affordable cattery and kennel management software on the market. We have no plans of increasing our prices!

In addition to the above, we will continue to reward our loyal customers with Free Gold Package for all new feature recommendations and feature improvement recommendations.

Be part of our journey by subscribing today and if our software lacks features that you require, let us know and receive our Gold Package completely free of charge.

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