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The Benefits of Kennel Software

The Benefits of Kennel Software

We all know how busy it is running a cattery or kennel business. Throw into the mix time it take to evaluate Kennel Management Software. No wonder you are not convinced about how kennel software can help you.

But let me help by telling you why you should invest time in getting kennel software for your business.

In this article I am going to go through the main reasons kennel management software can help you and your business.

Saves You Time

A good Kennel Management Software will save you time. Time that you can use to run your business and care for your lodgings.

A good Kennel Management Software will help reduce the tedious day-to-day stuff that bogs you down.

Have you ever been in the middle of cleaning a kennel, caring for a pet, grooming and a customer phones to make a bookings? You have to go back to the office, get out the diary, find the right date and book in the pet. Once finished you return to the task you had in hand. It would be so much easier if when phone rings you answer the call and make the booking without needing to go back to the office to do this.


Most kennel business start out using a diary. Its cheap and its easy. But how many times do you lose it? Or how often do you have to go back to the office from another part of the grounds or even outside the business to access it? What if you lost it and it couldnt be found?

A good Kennel Management Software gives you piece of mind that it is accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Sure, its good to work with paper and a good Kennel Software will provide a multitude of reports that you can print off and use if thats how you prefer to work.

And with a good cloud based kennel software you cant lose it. Your bookings and all other business information are stored in the cloud and accessible to you 24/7.

Easier Bookings

The easier it is for a customer to book with you the more bookings you will take.

Some customers prefer to phone to book. Some customers prefer to visit to book. And some customers prefer to visit your website to book.

With a good Kennel Software you will be able to add a widget to your website that will allow customers book directly. This booking can be reviewed by you at your earliest convenience.

Understanding Your Business

Its not easy understanding all of the aspects of running a kennel business. There is just so much to do and so much information that is difficult to understand and digest.

A good Kennel Software will offer you numerous reports that will show you all of the information you need to understand the areas of your business that is doing well and areas that need attention.

Track assets easily, identify which appointments are most profitable, plan for quieter periods and improve marketing strategies, easily identify trends.

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