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Why Move To Carica Pets

Why Move To Carica Pets

If you are using one of our competitors cattery / kennel booking management system and you come over to Carica Pets you will receive 6 months Gold Package completely free of charge.

Whats more, we will do all of the migration of data for you; again completely free of charge.

Why Use Carica Pets?

By using Carica Pets you will be saving yourself and your business hundreds of pounds a year.  Our most expensive Gold Package is just £10 per month whereas our competitors cheapest packages tend to be around £40 per month and their most expensive packages around £60 per month.

Signing Up To Carica Pets

Signing up to Carica Pets is easy.  Simply go to https://www.caricapets.co.uk/dashboard/account/register and register with your email address and your preferred password.

Migrating Data

Under GDPR all SaaS should provide a means for you to export all of your data in computer readable form such as CSV, XML or Json format.

I your current software doesn't provide this then contact them and they should export this for you free of charge.

Once you have exported all of your data and registered with Carica Pets you can import your data directly into our database and start using our website and saving yourself lots of money at the same time.

If you do not feel confident with migrating the data yourself then we can do it for you.  Send over your data and we will import your data for you completely free of charge.

Benefits of Using Carica Pets

There are many benefits to using Carica Pets for your cattery or kennel booking management software.  

The obvious benefit is the huge saving in money - you could be saving yourself and your business a huge amount of money each year.

The Carica Pets website is bursting full of features and with no hidden costs.  Some of our competitors charge extra for Daycare Modules or for Boarding Modules or for other modules they keep inventing to get more and more money out of their customers but with Carica Pets all of this is inclusive of the monthly cost you pay so saving you even more money.

Which Package Should I Choose?

We offer 3 packages Bronze, Silver and Gold and these are priced at £1, £5 and £10 respectively.  For full details and a comparison chart of these packages go to https://www.caricapets.co.uk/home/prices

Our Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none and leaves our competitors a long way behind in the distance.

We pride ourselves on giving the very best customer service to all of our customers no matter what package they have subscribed or whether they are on the free trial or planning to sign up to the free trial.

Give it a try and find out for yourself.

Sign up below to try our 14 day free trial or contact me to discuss how we can help you move from your existing kennel management software to ours hassle free.

Register for a 14 day free trial

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