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Vaccination Module

Vaccination Module

Keeping on top of vaccinations can be such a time consuming process.  With our vaccination module we take out the stress and chores of making sure all the pets that are booked in have up to date vaccinations.

Ease of Use

With our Vaccination Module you can easily set up vaccination for pets and simply copy the vaccinations to other pets within the same household.

Our Vaccination Module is fully customisable allowing you to set up and manage all vaccinations for any type of pet.

Within the Dashboard you can easily see if there are any bookings with pets no vaccinations or expired vaccinations.

Vaccination Notifications

Set up email notifications so that your customers are alerted and reminded when their pets vaccinations are expiring.

Vaccination Alerts

You can see directly in our Carica Pets dashboard the number of pets that are booked in that have no vaccination or have vaccinations expiring before or during their booking.

When creating a booking all vaccinations are checked for the pets within the booking and you will be alerted if any of the pets do not have any vaccinations for the booking dates.

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