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4 Reasons Why Catteries and Kennels Love Using Carica Pets

4 Reasons Why Catteries and Kennels Love Using Carica Pets

Catteries and Kennels small and large are flocking to use our Carica Pets website.  Here are the 4 main reasons these businesses are choosing Carica Pets.

Our Prices

One comment we receive over and over again is how cheap we are compared to other cattery and kennel booking management software.

I can't believe how cheap it is to use Carica Pets compared to the software we used to use.

Our customers are saving huge amounts of money each year by using our software by the subscription costs alone.

We also have a Refer A Friend scheme where you can receive 3 months free Carica Pets if you refer a friend and they subscribe to use the Carica Pets website.

Full of Features

Our Cattery and Kennel Booking Management software is brimming full of features that are not available in any other software inclusive of the subscription costs.

I love using the Carica Pets website and I especially love the Online Booking system. This saves me so much time each day as I don't have to be constantly on the phone taking bookings. Keep up the great work.

Our website is being updated and new features are added in weekly and monthly updates ensuring the website is fresh and works for your business.

If there is a feature that you need and isn't on our website then let us know and we will add it to the website as soon as we can.

Customer Services

At Carica Pets we put the customer first.  We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service that leaves our competitors a long way behind.

We understand how important it is for you to concentrate on the day to day business and if you have any issues with our website or require new features to the website then we are here to listen and make sure your our Carica Pets website is everything that you want and much much more.

Carica Pets is incredible. They respond to all of our queries really quick and is such a pleasure to deal with. They make using the Carica Pets website completely hassle and stress free.

Fully Customisable

At Carica Pets we understand that each and every business work in slightly different ways.  We have designed our software so it doesn't dictate to how you have to work but instead offers a fully customisable website that you can tune to your individual or unique business needs.

I run a very small cattery and don't really need all of the features that the Carica Pets provide which is great because I can switch them off and use only what I need making is so easy to use.

With our website you can brand it with your business logo and colour scheme so that it looks just like your own business when you use it in front of your customers.

Sign up below to try our 14 day free trial or contact me to discuss how we can help you move from your existing kennel management software to ours hassle free.

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Leah Dodds about 3 years ago

100% recommend Carica pets - affordable great value, great features and Hayley is fab at sorting out problems mainly because of user error!! :p. I chose Carica because they are a British company and fairly new I wanted to support them! Well done Carica!

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